Colleen's Chocolate - Strawberries & Biscuits - Dark Chocolate

Colleen's Chocolate

Colleen's Chocolate - Strawberries & Biscuits - Dark Chocolate

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Now vegan AND Gluten Free!!
For a while now I've been pondering...I ate a chocolate bar a while ago and it punched me in the face with it's flavour.  So, I thought I should make a bar that does that to people in a kind, sweet, and chocolatey way!  Here it is - my custom dark chocolate blend, with freeze dried strawberries INSIDE the whole bar, and then biscuits and more freeze dried strawberry pieces on the back of the bar.  It's a kick and then some!

Super in love with this bar!  When people ask what bar I love the most, well don't tell the other bars but this is the one that I would sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting.  And, trust me that's not something I typically do but my tastebuds just keep asking for more!