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Mar 11th

Laser Tattoo Removal Expectations

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Looking at statistics, over 25 % of the 50 % of people who have tattoos want them removed. However the good part is that with advancement in technology, removal of tattoos with the newest laser tattoo removal is possible.

How it works?

Laser tattoo removal works to break the black pigmentation in the tattoo using a high intensity beam light. This occurs as the black pigment of the tattoo works to absorb the wavelengths of the laser. In the end making it easy to treat and remove.

Who Can Benefit?

Those who have unwanted body tattoo designs are the best candidates. However those who had previous tattoos removed and have been let with ugly scars can also benefit.
What to expect?

The size and color of the tattoo usually determine the number of visits and types of treatments one will receive from a laser tattoo removal expert. With black colored tattoos easier to remove, it is good to note that colored tattoos often require additional equipment and more care thus take longer to remove. Still the color of a patients skin and the depth in which the tattoo pigment has extended, will greatly affect the removal technique used.

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